Semi Permanent Makeup

Eyebrows Microblading | 仿真线条眉 3D纤丝眉 $500

Hairline Stimulation Effect


Eyebrow Embroidery | 粉黛眉 星雾眉 $500


Feathering | Shading Effect

Individual hairs are precisely layered on the skin, creating a completely natural look. Brows can be reshaped, darkened or thickened. They can even be created entirely by us, where there was previously no hair at all. Imagine having perfect semi permanent eyebrows and never having to spend time applying makeup.

Semi Permanent Lips | 韩式水晶唇 韩式咬唇 $350

Imagine having fuller, more vibrant and younger looking lips without having to apply lipstick. Your lip shape will be designed, custom colors blended. Our technology is applied both to the liner and then completely shaded for a stunningly natural look.


Upper Waterline or Lower Waterline| 美瞳線 $300

Also knows as Invisible Eyeliner.

There is no line above your lashes when you look down
Very subtle and yet classy

Eyeliner enhances definition, creating a show-stopping frame for your eyes. Our technology applies eyeliner on your natural lash line, in between your individual lashes, on both upper & lower lashes. Finally, a 100% smudge-free lash line!


Scalp Shading | 3D仿真发际线

Tired of thinning hair? With our scalp shading you can reduce the appearance of thinning hair on men and women. Individual hairs are layered on the skin camouflaging the scalp & creating an illusion of thicker hair.


Semi Permanent Makeup for Men | 男士半永久眉毛 $500

Makeup for Men is a NEW semi-permanent makeup procedure for the brows, eyes, lips and scalp. It will lasts up to 3 years and can be touched-up as needed. Our safe alternative to permanent cosmetics can give you the confidence you want.


Scar Camouflage | 疤痕遮盖

Embarrassed of unsightly scars? Have you tried  over-the-counter creams that claim to get rid of scars?  Skin color pigments are blended to match each client’s skin tones and applied over the scar to reduce its appearance.


Permanent Makeup Correction | 纹坏变色的老式眉修复

Dissatisfied with past permanent makeup applications? Permanent makeup changes into unpleasant colors over time. Our natural, mineral-based skin color pigments can be applied over existing permanent makeup to correct and camouflage the shape and color.


Areola Reconstruction | 乳晕漂粉

After surgery or cancer treatments, areolas can be left uneven or even nonexistent. There wasn’t a great way to help women solve this problem post-treatment. Now, we can reshape areolas and add the correct pigment tone back in, so that they look natural and symmetrical.